In The Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate

Al Haram Import and Export Co. Ltd.
A Limited Liability Company

History of Al Haram

The idea of providing one of the basic needs of mankind, that is clothing, at a very practical and reasonable cost, is always the focus of the founding fathers of Al Haram. This business atmosphere and unique marketing concept actually prevailed from the time it started 25 years ago until present. In this concept, the intention is to tap customers for all walks of life and therefore generate greater sales volume that can well establish market dominance.

In the beginning the company, then of different business names, experienced difficulty when the market was flooded with expensive fashions coming from countries of high exchange rates, very high cost of labor and custom duties. At this time, the market was very influenced by flashy brand names and not by the quality of the material or the practicability of its use. As expected by the founders of Al Haram, the market steadily grow mature every year and settle for intelligent buying of family necessity.

Now, Al Haram is part of the daily talk of family household. The honest and service oriented business of the company finally succeeded.

Why Al Haram? To us, the name constitute a strong and modest edifice to house the total family necessities consistent with the class and intelligence of those who conceptualize and built the pyramid, a landmark that can only symbolize long and lasting customer relationship.

After the long unwavering endeavor of the pillars of Al Haram, the formal organization of the Al Haram for Import and Export company was finally established.