Al Haram was incorporated by Articles of Association No. 79-5930 for 1422H, on 28.11.1422H, corresponding to 10.2.2002G issued by Ministry of Commerce in Riyadh. Al Haram’s main commercial registration no. 1010174498 is issued by the Ministry of Commerce in Riyadh on 27.12.1422H.

The main business of Al Haram is importation of fashion items on wholesale and retailing the same thru its specialized showrooms that are strategically located in various areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

At present, the operation of the company is supported by a Headquarter in Jeddah and a regional office in Riyadh. The headquarter house the offices of top management and the control department of the business while regional offices are provided with marketing and sales team.

Like any other retail business, the company recognizes the need for a much improve customer service in the sales floor most especially during the checkout after shopping and acceptance of sales returns from customers. Likewise, the management team of the company focused in the development of statistical information on the customers buying habits, behavior and preferences in order to provide the needed style and models in our sales floor. This means automated recording and processing of corporate data that would enable timely receipt of accurate management information. To this end, the management of Al Haram invested best effort, time and money to acquire and make use of the most applicable and available Information Technology.

Our sales operations is supported by well designed and by far the biggest retail showrooms, for fashion, in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All Al Haram Centers are provided with adequate car parks that are manned by uniform guards who are trained to assist and provide order to incoming and outgoing customers. The spacious showrooms are provided with wide aisle for comfortable family shopping.

For customer convenience, we invited some selected boutique outfit making Al Haram center a one stop shop for fashion items.

Customer lounge inside the center is provided as resting areas after shopping. Selected refreshment shops are nearby and ready to serve resting customers. Likewise, video programs and computer games are provided for the benefit of the children.