Bed and Bath Accessories

Al Haram Import and Export Co. also sells pillows, carpets, bath towels and more of your bed and bath needs in retail and bulk orders. Our products are available  world wide as we offer shipping from Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world. Our line of products can also be seen at our showroom.

Footwear for Men, Women and Children

Al Haram offers a wide array of shoes for men, women and children.Our offered footwear products include modish and trendy designs which appeal to the young and youthful ones and classy, posh styles for  corporate people. Our products include: leather sandals (for men , women and children) leather shoes (for men , women and children) rubber shoes (for […]

Trendy, Casual Shoes for Women

The  fashion market today demands a  trendy (colorful, detailed) and a youthful taste when in comes to fashion accessories like shoes. Al Haram Import and Export Co. retails ad wholesales those kind of footwear to an international coverage. Our product list include: Heels (for women), Flats (for women), Pumps (for women), Sandals (for women), Wedge Shoes (for women), Boots (for […]

Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans are worn by people from varying statute for this kind of clothing is flexible as it serves well in every occasion. Denim jeans can be paired with your everyday casual get up, and when done appropriately, can be paired with your formal attire. We wholesale and retail denim jeans locally and internationally.

Men’s Underwear

We have plenty of men’s underwear designs to choose from. Here’s to name a few: briefs boxers boxer briefs bikinis The products’ fabrics also vary. We here at Al Haram value the comfort that our customers receive. Rest assured, our products  come with durability, elegance and with a price tag that is truly favorable. These […]

Men’s Tie

We retail and wholesale Men’s ready made apparel including ties and we may ship our products from Saudi Arabia to anywhere around the globe. Our selections of formal and   Synthetic Silk Summer Tie Fabrics Winter Fabrics Trendy & Unconventional Tie Materials

Kids’ Toys

Children of all ages will enjoy our broad selection of toys and accessories. Our toy designs and accessories would surely appeal to the young ones for our toys and accessories are inspired by popular cartoon characters, and have colorways that would certainly entice kids. Our products are available for retail and wholesale (bulk orders) and […]

Women’s Casual and Formal Bags

We export formal and causal bags of all styles, fabrics, colors and designs to an international coverage . Our products are proven durable and are worn by people with varying lifestyles and statutes. Our product list include: Athletic bag (for women) Backpack  (for women) Baguette Bag  (for women) Bucket bag (for women) Clutch Bag (for women) Fold over clutch (for women) […]