Al Haram Center Unveils Grandest Stage- Thalia Showroom

Settling for second best is not within the dictionary of the men behind the ever-innovative and competitive Al Haram Center.

As of now,Al Haram Center is continuously broadening and improving  its repertoire as one of the leading shopping centers in Saudi Arabia as their newest, most shopper-friendly showroom– Thalia– is to open on August 12, 2013.

The Thalia showroom boasts of a large shopping ground that brings comfort and convenience to its valued customers. Highly-trained staff are sure to warmly welcome shoppers and businessmen alike.

Moreover, the high quality products, which Al Haram Center, has been known for are also available at Thalia.

The said showroom is located at the crossroads of Thalia and Makkah, right at the heart of Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz Street.

With Al Haram Center’s business expansion, customers are sure to experience an even better customer service and shopping experience.

Al Haram Center